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Surya Mudra - Stimulate the thyroid and enhance the weight loss, improve eyesight.

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

'Surya' means Sun in Sanskrit. And the fire element is nothing but the Sun in the universe as well as in an individual person. Sun or fire element in human body is present in the form of all pitta and pitta subdoshas.

The energy of the sun also represents with Fire element of the body. Sanskrit term for fire is ‘Agni‘, therefore Surya mudra also known as Agni mudra. Surya Mudra eliminates the earth element as we keep the ring finger curled up and touching its base or thumbs base; we are decreasing the earth element and increasing the fire element in our body.

How to do this Mudra?

Bend your ring fingers of both the hands in such a way that ring finger’s tip exactly touches the base of the thumb (at the third line of your thumb). At this point, simultaneously, press the second phalanx of the ring finger with the tip of the thumb. Rest three fingers of the hand are lightly stretched and straight throughout the whole practice.


Regular practice of  30 minutes is enough to get maximum benefits of Surya mudra; you can do it any time or any position. The early hour of the morning or when you are in meditation is the best choice to get the best result. Surya Mudra Benefits

  1. Surya Mudra’s quality of increasing the fire element and decreasing the earth element helps in maintaining the metabolism of the body.

  2. As Surya mudra increases body temperature, it relieves from the problem caused by cold weather like Sore throat, Flu, catching up cold easily in cold weather.

  3. A person suffering from the loss of appetite (Anorexia) can practice Surya mudra to bring the body’s hunger back on the track.

  4. Reduces Cholesterol – This mudra works for removing extra cholesterol (as it helps reduce the earth element )accumulated in the blood vessels.

  5. Tackle coldness of limbs – Surya mudra helps in problems like shivering, cold, coldness of body parts.

  6. It helps indigestion which is a result of deficient pitta.

  7. Another cause of excessive weight is the accumulation of wastes in the body.

  8. Surya mudra is also practiced to reduce the extra fat deposited in a female body post-delivery.

  9. Surya Mudra for Thyroid- it stimulates the under-functioning thyroid gland (hypothyroidism) and help gain balance the hormones of thyroid. The fire element, which plays key role in Surya mudra practice is considered the stimulator of the metabolic functioning of the thyroid gland.

  10. Surya Mudra for Eyes:- The element of fire and visual cortex present in our eyes has a special kind of relationship. It’s the fire element only that lights up our perception of seeing an object.The fire for vision is called "alocaka agni". Surya mudra also works on alocaka agni that helps in improving eyesight and vision issues. Therefore, the regular use of this mudra helps strengthen weakened eyes and improve vision.

  11. The earth element is also part of the Kapha humor in the body. Therefore, Surya Mudra is an excellent mudra for people with a pronounced Kapha constitution.

Precautions - Surya mudra heats up the body, so it’s not suggested to practice it during fever.

- Make sure to practice this mudra in open space during summers to avoid excessive accumulation of heat in the body.

- Drink a glass of water before practicing the mudra as it is a powerful mudra and may cause dehydration if practiced for a long time.

- Underweight people should not practice Surya mudra for a longer period (45 minutes) as it may further reduce the weight.

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