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Homeopathy Consultations

Acute Cases

Homeopathy can be used for many disease conditions whether it's acute or chronic .  Acute conditions eg fever, cough cold, flues, allergic rashes, stomach flu, ear infection, urine infection minor injuries, or insect bites, burns. When a person is suffering from any of these disease conditions from 2-3 days or if its just a start to see/ show symptoms it is considered as acute condition. Treatment is given only for a week and frequent or daily quick follow ups are taken. After a week if the condition is still there, acute consultation fee is charged for one more week.


Chronic Cases

If you are having any chronic health condition(s), if you are already under treatment of any kind since long time, If you are suffering from any side effects from your current allopathic medications.

Chronic health conditions need many types of approaches. and those are Therapeutic , Palliative and Constitutional Classical Homeopathic Consultations. Follow ups are extremely necessary if you really wish to achieve your health/ healing goals. There are always layers of health and disease as well, and the treatment goes in layers too. After one remedy you may need series of several other remedies depending up on the severity and depth of health condition you intend to heal/ treat. Read more here

Constitutional care plan

For chronic and complicated health conditions like allergies, asthma, autism, cancers, Lyme disease, etc and psychological issues like depression, anxiety it is advisable to go with packages. All packages include first session,  all follow ups and all acutes over the period of 6 months as directed by Vandana. The full amount is due before the first session. An individualized wholistic treatment plan will be emailed after first session. Once you start taking the medicine doses, you need to schedule follow up appointment. All further instructions for next appointments and doses will be discussed in follow up session(s).

Cell Salts Consultation

  • Tissue salts are micro doses of 12 minerals, prepared homeopathically, that are important for the normal functioning of the body.

  • Tissue salts support balance and well-being.

  • Minerals create our physical foundations, they are the building blocks of your body, upon which all other nutrients depend on for healthy absorption and function.

  • Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and young children or even babies can also be supplemented with cell salts safely.

Gemmotherapy Consultation

  • Anti-aging rejuvenate organs, skin tissue, and cells; stimulate blood and lymph activities; deliver antioxidants in the system.

  • Detoxify chemically reacts to purify and cleanse cells.

  • Drain stimulate the removal from our bodies of toxins through organ fluids like blood and lymph.

  • Nourish  deliver a full spectrum of antioxidants, hormones, enzymes, vitamins, minerals, trace elements, amino acids etc.

  • Reduce the need for nutritional supplements and can eliminate mega-dosages of supplemental products.

  • Regenerates Dying Cells oxygenates cells, balances electrolytes, and improves electrical potential.

  • Rekindles Worn out Vital Organs through organ excitation, gemmotherapy remedies improve organ function.

Bach Flower Remedy/ Flower essence Consultation


Its complimentary and included in my treatment plans. Best for emotional issues, depression, anxiety, low or loss of confidence. Can be used for kids and pets too.

A thorough case is taken and remedies are given in series or depending upon the next layer of emotions. Need follow ups depending up on how severe or deep the person's psychological condition is.

Ayurvedic Diet and Nutrition

Read more here

Mindfulness Meditation

An excellent program for teens, youth and anyone in general. If you are struggling with anxiety, depression, or any other psychological issues, this is the best recommended program by the experts.

Learn mindfulness, the tools, practices, and much more about being in a present moment. 1 hr/ week total 8 weeks program.

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