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Now she clearly knows who is she....

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

A female in her late 20s approached to me for treatment of various health issues. She had Ehlers-Danlos syndrome, pains all over her body, premature graying of hair, allergies, various GI symptoms like constipation, bloating, occasional nausea and indigestion, low estrogen levels- amenorrhoea and irregular menses....

Initially she came to me for treatment of all these symptoms and every time she was treated with a remedy considering the totality at given time. Her chronic pain used to be like she feels so much bloated and uncomfortable in her own skin she just wanted to release all the tension. She was feeling so much swollen inside and come out of her skin.... A homeopathic remedy gave her quick results for this feeling and inflammation. She started feeling better with few doses of the remedy.

When people come up with chronic pain and GI issues I often check their diet, eating and lifestyle habits.... Being a nurse she had very hectic duties and all her daily routine of sleep, meals was disrupted. Emotionally stressed out because of many issues she had in her life. After few changes in diet according to her ayurvedic constitution we slowly made progress with her GI issues too.

Her one more main complaint of 9 months amenorrhea was indicating a much deeper pathology so we started discussing more about it. She was on natural supplement of estrogen hormone but still did not have regular menses.... While discussing this she revealed that since childhood she was being bullied because she was very skinny and never had voluptuous figure like a girl. So she started thinking to be like a man with bigger physic. She was also confused about her sexuality..... She had a few relationships with men and every time they try to be intimate with her she would ran away from them. Confused who is she? Whether she likes women or men or had no clue who was she and what she likes and prefers when it comes to sexuality. And she never had anyone stayed long in relationship with her. She said they were just for few days with her and most of them want just to be in romantic relationships; mostly just physical relations. So now all this led me to choose flower remedies and again one more deep acting homeopathic remedy.

After 2 and half months we had a follow up and she stated talking about her boyfriend and his problems and how all that is emotionally stressful... And I asked her about her confusion and she said It's all clear now.... She knows who is she!!! She knows what she prefers and wants.... She also got her menses for 2 month which were regular and good amount of flow.

Now she is experiencing much peace inside and so many of her chronic issues got resolved. All her menstrual, emotional, GI symptoms are absolutely better. She sometimes feels pain because of her E-D syndrome but the intensity of her pain has reduced significantly.

Homeopathy proved effective for one more chronic case. Flower remedies too helped her heal.

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