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....And the dog found her JOY again!!!

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

So this is a case of a Dog, aged 18 months. She was with 2 different owners before she got in the shelter. And from the shelter she was adopted my my client whom I see from last 3 years now.

Many of my client's worries and complaints were coming from the the dog's health conditions, She used to have many accidents since she was adopted. My client narrated the story whatever she knew; so I offered her my help to treat the dog holistically. Usually I don't charge anything for treating the pets of my clients as being a homeopath and holistic practitioner I never have done any official courses/ training of treating animals by homeopathy. But As homeopathy/ flower remedies go with symptoms; so those who are open to accept the suggestions for the pets, I would simply give them flower remedies for emotional healing.

The first challenge to treat this dog was how to know what had happened with her and what is the reason of her accidents, separation anxiety, and being so much hyper- reactive at instances.

So the history was she was abused, and never being cared, loved and was limping too.

She looked being beaten too when she came to the shelter. When my client will leave her say for an hour or so the dog used to have accidents. When they will go on a walk or hiking this dog will go cray around other dogs or even will chase a butterfly crazily. So I just wrote down how that dog might have felt emotionally being abused in the past when she was a baby, and now being alone at present.

A mix of flower remedies was made and we started spraying it in the dog's water and on her food sometimes.

Just within 2 weeks the owner/ my client reported that the dog had no accidents at all; plus after 4 weeks of treatment she even left the dog with a trainer for 3 hrs and she was fine. And that was the biggest achievement for my client and obviously the dog.

Its been 8+ months now there are no accidents, and the dog is joyful, happy and content. So is my client.... Client's healing story in upcoming post....!!!

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