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And the boy could breath normally again....

Updated: Jun 16, 2021

A boy of age 7 yrs, suffering with cough diagnosed as allergic and asthmatic.

Since the age of 2+ the toddler started having cough especially during spring and winter.

Winter used to be the worst for him.

So till the age of 2 the boy was absolutely fine, delivered normally, having all milestones on time and developing, growing well.

The family moved into the new apartment and he went on a vacation with parents to his home country almost the same time. In that new apartment the vent of the a/c was right on the baby's crib. And he started having cough, difficulty breathing, wheezing and been t the emergency multiple times.

He was on the allopathic puffs, steroids on and off when nebulization daily plus as needed. The little boy was not able to run, play out side or even breath normally especially during winter and spring seasons almost everyday.

He also had fears of imaginary giant animals; as if they will eat him or engulf him. So he used to sleep with socks on as they will not catch him if he had socks on; and wanted parents to be with him till he falls asleep almost every night. the triggering points for this fear were watching horror movies which his big brother will try to show him or even the news on TV.

And as the boy had all the medications for 4/5 yrs he had developed many side effects; to name a few were agitation, anger and low focus in class, hyperactivity. Although academically the boy was very very good; so parents were concerned to use and to continue these medications for longer time.

So homeopathically the whole case was taken and constitutional, and miasmatic remedies were given. Acutes were treated completely with homeopathically. At times we gave him the gemmotherapy medicines too .

It took us 8+ months and the next winter the boy was completely alright. In many years the bot did not need any sprays/ puffs/ steroids or nebulization at all. We eventually stopped all homeopathic medicines and its been 3+ yrs the boy is completely free of all medicines and can run, play in grass, go out in cold and snow of New England during winter.

And the parents are speechless, grateful and happy.

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