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Homeopathy For Urinary Track Infection

Arnica montana: Arnica is very useful for cystitis that occurs following bruising injuries of the perineum. It is therefore well indicated for urinary problems following childbirth. There may be trouble emptying the bladder and some involuntary dribbling.

Sepia: Sepia is immensely useful for recurrent urinary tract infections, especially when there is also a history of lots of antibiotic use and thrush. The woman often loses her libido, because sex is painful and she fears cystitis may result. She is often worn out by the recurrent infections, so exhausted by the struggle to keep going that she cries when expressing herself. Genital herpes may be present.

Aconite: The symptoms come on very suddenly and without any warning, often after a fright or exposure to cold. Diving into icy water may bring on cystitis. There is a lot of fear and this may lead to retention of urine. There is a sensation of pressure in the bladder and burning before urination.

Pulsatilla: This remedy is often prescribed constitutionally for shy little girls with a highly emotional and changeable nature. As they do not drink much they are more prone to urinary tract infections. Pulsatilla is often prescribed for older women, who are soft and yielding in character. They are prone to cry whilst relating their story, and evoke sympathy in the listener. The pain is worse when urination is delayed, and after urination. The symptoms are changeable, and the urine tends to spurt out.

Cantharis: The Spanish fly is a urinary tract irritant, well known to the Marquis de Sade and his followers. It produces the most agonising pain before, during and after urination. Each drop of urine feels like scalding acid and it may be easier to pass urine in a hot bath. The surrounding skin may become excoriated, and there may be blood in the urine. The patient is beside herself with pain and avoids drinking so that she won’t have to pass urine.

Nux vomica: There is intense chilliness and the person feels very irritable with the cystitis. There is constant urging and a sense that the bladder is full, although tiny amounts of urine are passed. This remedy is well indicated when frequency is the predominate symptom. A constitutional Nux vomica is the typical Type A personality – driven, ambitious and very competitive, with a short fuse.

Staphysagria: “Honeymoon cystitis” frequently responds very well to Staphysagria, as do urinary tract infections that come on after pelvic examination, operation or labour. It is indicated where there is suppressed anger and grief. The anger is hidden, the person appears mild tempered and gentle, yet there is often a history of abuse or deep sorrow. Cystitis occurs after sex and the pain is felt during and after urination.

Sarsparilla: This remedy is frequently used for infections when the pain comes on after urination. There may be some blood in the urine and severe symptoms of cystitis. It is easier to pass urine whilst standing up and there is a tendency to urinary retention.

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