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Homeopathy for Tinnitus

Natrum salicylicum: This remedy may be beneficial if ringing in the ears is like a low, dull hum. Loss of hearing related to bone conduction, as well as nerve interference and vertigo, may be involved. Natrum salicylicum is a useful remedy when tinnitus and tiredness occur after acute viral infections or along with Meniere's disease.

Salicylicum acidum: Hearing diminished.Nervous deafness.Deafness with noises (roaring) in ears.Roaring in ears and difficult hearing; hears music; swarm of bees or buzzing of flies; rush of blood to head, excited mood.Tinnitus dependent on hyperæmia.Auditory nerve vertigo (Ménière's disease); a troublesome nausea accompanying the head symptoms.The problem may have begun with viral infection like flu, or with Meniere's disease. Salicylicum acidum may also be helpful if tinnitus has been caused by too much aspirin.

Rhododendron: Sensation as of a worm in ear.Continued dull humming in ears, < by swallowing.Loud sounds re-echo long.Continued buzzing in ears, feeling as if water rushing into them. Hearing better in the morning; noises come on after patient has been up a few hours.

Causticum: Words spoken and steps re-echo in the ear.Tinkling in the ears.Loud resounding noises in the ear, with hardness of hearing.Rumbling and buzzing, rolling and murmuring in the ears, and in the head.Sensation of stoppage in the ears. Other symptoms include a pulsating, burning sensation in the ear, pressure in the head and ears, and a purulent, gluey/sticky ear discharge along with an excessive accumulation of the ear wax is also present in some cases.

Manganum Aceticum: Shootings in ears when speaking, swallowing, laughing, and walking heavily.Hardness of hearing, as from stoppage of ears, removed by blowing nose, < or > according to change of weather.Buzzing and rumbling in ears.Detonation in ears, when blowing nose, and swallowing, and crashing sound when yawning.Whistling tinnitus.Whizzing and rushing in ear. Deafness in damp weather

Petroleum: is used to treat tinnitus where there are ringing noises in ears. There is clear bell-like sound in the ear. Other symptoms include dryness, intense itching deep in the ear. People who cannot tolerate the sound of several people talking together, and elderly persons dealing with deafness are often treated with this medicine.

Silicea: Excessive sensitiveness to noise.Obstruction of ears, which sometimes disappears on blowing the nose, or else with a loud report.Hardness of hearing, sometimes without noise in ears, or else exclusively for human voice.Hardness of hearing, < when the moon is at the full.Paralysed auditory nerves.Tinkling, clucking, and noise, like the fluttering of a bird, in ears.Roaring and singing in ears

Chininum sulphuricum : might be recommended for use by people whose tinnitus is extremely loud (to them). Violent ringing, buzzing, and roaring in ears, with deafness.

Disclaimer- This information is only for education purpose. Homeopathy is an individualized medicine and only to be taken after consulting a qualified practitioner/ homeopath.

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