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A Case of Metastatic Cancer with migraines

Updated: Jun 22

In the complex and often painful journey of metastatic cancer, finding relief from symptoms can feel like a distant dream. This is the story of a remarkable 78-year-old woman had breast cancer (CA breast) operated lumpectomy, Mastectomy, was fine for years, now devepoled lung cancer (CA lung), mass seen on other breast too, Also got metastasized to various parts of her body, forming lumps and nodes across her arms and forearms. Despite the rigors of chemotherapy, her most debilitating complaint was a relentless migraine that no conventional painkiller could alleviate. She was plagued by severe migraines that left her incapacitated. These headaches were so intense and debilitating that they forced her to rest frequently, disrupting her day to day life, She works and has a tremendous will to heal others thru her energy healing tools.

Her migraines started mostly after first cycle of chemotherpay. Her Headaches persisted, and no painkiller seemed to offer any relief. She thought to explore Homeopathy......

Homeopathy, a holistic approach to healing, aims to treat the individual rather than just the symptoms. After a thorough assessment, considering her physical symptoms, emotional state, and overall constitution. Based on this comprehensive evaluation, a personalized homeopathic remedy was prescribed.

The results were nothing short of miraculous. Within just four weeks of beginning homeopathic treatment, she reported a complete cessation of her migraines. For the first time in weeks, she experienced four continuous weeks without the debilitating headaches that had dominated her life. This significant improvement was achieved without the need for any painkillers.

This case highlights the potential benefits of integrating homeopathy into the treatment plan for cancer patients, particularly for managing symptoms that conventional medicine struggles to alleviate. The relief from migraines significantly improved the patient’s quality of life, gave her hope and her joy was beyond words..... She sounded so much happy, and regained her hope and will to fight with the cancer one more time and help others heal as well. She said she has so much to offer and teach and does not want to die soon with the cancer. Now we have made our goal to treat her cancer with homeoathy; she will continue her conventional treatment too.

This case is like a ray of hope at the end of the dark tunnel for those suffering with complex, complicated diseases like cancer and suffering with side effects of chemotherpay or other harsh drugs. Even amidst the toughest battles, homeopathy can offer significant relief and improve the overall quality of life for cancer patients. It’s shows the importance of a comprehensive, patient-centered approach of homeopathy, addressing not just the disease but the person as a whole.

Pic-Unsplash - Ronak Valobobhai

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