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Guilt and Polycystic ovaries got cured....

Updated: Feb 24, 2022

A 22 yrs old bold, confident, intelligent medical student came with complaints of irregular menses from more than 10 months, some unwanted hair growth on chin and the ultrasound reports said bilateral polycystic ovaries.

She recently lost her father and used to be sad and gloomy. She was in love with a young man of her age and never had courage to let him know about her love for him.

Being a medical student she used to study for hours and with recent loss of her father she used to cry alone most of the times. She said she wanted to let the person whom she loved but what if he says no..... So her friends insisted her to write anonymous letters to the guy.

And she did.... but after few days she started feeling so much guilty that how come she could do that to someone. It was troubling to the guy and when we love someone we dont do such stupid things....

so the guilt, the grief and bereavement all took a toll on her health and she started having irregular periods. Slowly she got few thick hair on her chin. And after the ultrasound got diagnosed with PCO.

And this was a shock for her and she thought that she will never be able to conceive, no one would marry her and she will never get a chance to be a mother.... She started living more depressed and the fear of getting rejected, lack of courage to let the person know about her feelings for him and the constant pressure of studies... was all there which she felt as if a big burden ....

One dose of constitutional remedy 1M potency was given and the next day she reported she feels so light as if she is a bird flying in sky. She got her periods after 10 days and she never missed her periods till she got pregnant. After 6 months we did the ultrasound and that came completely normal. The hair growth persisted though but she was okay with that.

After few years she got married to a very loving and caring guy. (No! not the same guy she loved in her college life) Next year she got pregnant. She had super healthy pregnancy and delivered a health and beautiful baby girl. The girl is 12 now. And its been 20 yrs she took her treatment and she still has regular periods and all healthy reproductive system. She always says homeopathy healed her life. She gives all credit of her recovery to homeopathy!!!

This is a miraculous recovery and healing with just one dose of a constitutional remedy.

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