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Environmental, seasonal, dairy Allergies gone....

Updated: Jun 25, 2021

A boy 3 + years boy with cough, congestion and profuse discharges from nose, throat during fall, spring, after eating dairy- yogurt, ice cream and cheese. He used to have rashes/ dry spots on skin. itching of head crazily especially during fall and spring. His sleep was disturbed and restless because of the congestion.

He was diagnosed allergic for many environmental factors. And been treated with antiallergic medications.

A very sweet, empathetic, intuitive and sensitive boy. If you ask them right questions they will describe each and everything in detail very nicely. So I got to know about his dreams and his intuitive nature when I talked to him during the case taking. Initially he was a bit shy but later he talked and talked....

He was treated with homeopathic constitutional remedy with a classical approach for 2 months and then anti miasmatic, acutes were given and just 6 months; his skin got cleared. His head never itched, even during the 6 months treatment he developed congestions and cough but they were mild and would resolve quickly than previously.

He started going out in the woods without any fear or concerns of getting itchy afterwards during fall. Now absolutely fine from the last whole year. no coughs/ no rashes/ no itching/ no congestion and no more discharges. He sleeps soundly and most importantly eats all dairy and his most favorite ice cream and yogurt.

My heart just fills with satisfaction when kids can play freely outside and have fun, breath normally and enjoy being in the nature and can enjoy their favorite foods!!! No more restrictions and they are free.....

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