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Beat the Winter Blues with Flower Remedies

Updated: Jan 12

As the clock is already set back an hr and suddenly the temp also dropped down to 20s and 30s; many of us have seen changes in the moods, appetite, sleep cycles and so many things….. Although the holiday season has almost started and there are festive vibes all around; still many people feel the sorrow, sadness, they feel being overwhelmed, hopeless and helpless.

“Health exists when there is perfect harmony between Soul, mind and body; this harmony, and this harmony alone, must be attained before a cure can accomplished.” ~ Dr. Edward Bach

But there are so many people I know can be helped with flower remedies….

As during the spring the new life emerges; that time the birthing process that occurs in nature and in the autumn, the colors change and energy is shifted to the trunks of the trees - there is a dying process. This occurs in nature and it is something we experience in ourselves, too.

These transitions from season to season, change in temperatures, even the barometric pressures can stir lots of emotions, feelings, mental patterns and beliefs/fixed ideas. All those seem profound to handle at times. Change is the constant thing in nature; nothing is permanent; so one must learn to let go…. In our modern world today we have lost connection with nature. This disconnection does us a disservice to ourselves and often keeps us from experiencing the deeper essence of who we are. As we begin to embrace ourselves as part of the natural order of things and to work with the constantly changing things, energies of nature, we have an opportunity to move into greater balance, harmony, joy and ease of well-being and peace and ultimately health on all dimensions of our existence.

After I started practicing Mindfulness in 2014, I never looked back to those gloomy, grey, frigid cold days as a reason for feeling depressed or getting affected by the seasonal changes. Accepting everything as it is, without attaching any labels to it, without judging it or without sticking any emotions to it…. Just accepting it wholeheartedly and being in the moment is the key; that worked well for me. I used homeopathy and flower remedies helped me open my heart and arms for healing during that time. Mindfulness requires practice; initially some might struggle; to find that balance easily and soulfully, flower remedies are the excellent tools.

Those essences support these seasonal transitions as well as to help us be in greater harmony overall. Flower essence therapy utilizes a precise understanding that the thoughts, feelings and experiences of the human psyche are reflections of the same cosmic laws inherent in the growth patterns, shapes, colors, fragrances, and vital energies of Nature which are expressed in the flowering plant. The Bach Flower Remedies bring these positive qualities vibrationally into our energy field and help to transmute interferences and limiting patterns, feelings and beliefs so that we may connect with our true essence of perfection.

In the Bach Flower System, there are a number of remedies that address “the blues”; these relate to how a person experiences feelings of despondency and despair. Here are some remedies, which may be beneficial in providing support during seasonal transitions and beyond.

Star of Bethlehem

Dr. Edward Bach referred to Star of Bethlehem as “the comforter and soother of pain and sorrows”. SOB is indicated for trauma or shock - recent or past.Trauma can exist on all levels – body, mind, emotion and spirit. And, it is something that creates an imprint in our being that often stays with us until we attend to it. Some traumas resolve themselves naturally; some we carry unresolved and can manifest later on various levels of our existence.


Gorse is for hopelessness and despair. There is a feeling that nothing more can be done; often a person feels resigned or has given up. A Gorse state may be seen like I tired so many things but… or what’s the use attitude or willfully refuse to to be encouraged. People with long term serious chronic illnesses, with serious prognosis.

In Milder states of gorse - those who are discouraged finding jobs after trying for many times unsuccessfully, attempting exams with no success, and they say i know i will never be selected or pass this exam….


This is for a black gloom depression that tends to come for unknown reasons. This can be a deep gloom or feeling of melancholy that is often described as a dark cloud that descends on a person for a time and then just as magically disappears for no reason, but the pattern is one that perpetuates. The person in this state is at the mercy of their feelings until they move out on their own accord and they feel they are back in the blue skies and sunshine once again.


Gentian is for a sense of discouragement. This tends to come from feelings of setback, delays, failures or difficulties that come from a known reason such as life changes (e.g loss of a job/relationship, mid-life crisis, menopause, etc.) It may include feeling easily dejected, doubtful and disappointed, frustration, regrets, looking for excuses to give up, pessimism, depression, etc.


Dr. Bach called this Bach Flower Remedy the "breaker of spells," for its ability to untie the bonds that hold one to the past can support us as we move out of structured or fixed ideals or patterns, feelings and beliefs or impressions, which can be part of our seasonal letting go process. Walnut helps bring back the sense of freedom from limiting influences, making healthy transitions in life, increasing inner strength to follow ones own path and destiny.

This can include seasonal changes, life stages such as adolescence or menopause, and life changes such as a new job, new locations, going to new schools, new environment, marriage, birth of child, etc.

Sweet Chestnut

Extreme mental and/or emotional anguish, Intense sorrow, Feeling you have endured all you can bear, Uncontrollable crying or tears, Feeling forsaken by God/Creator, On the verge of a nervous breakdown, Overwhelming feelings after a huge loss or life challenge, Fear of being abandoned, A sense of emptiness due to bereavement, Utter dejection, Feeling depleted of energy due to emotional overwhelm, Feelings of helplessness, Overwhelming loneliness.

Other flower remedies to think of are

Borage, California Wild Rose, Chrysanthemum, Milkweed, Sagebrush, Yerba Santa.

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