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A case of Hypothyroid, Secondary Infertility and PCOS

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

.... And awe, gratefulness and joy overflow trickling down the eyes of not just the patients but the homeopath too!!

Homeopathy heals.... a case of PCOS, hypothyroidism, secondary infertility, anxiety developed after the traumatic both pregnancy and birth of the first baby. First child had many health issues till the age of 3+ and this led the mother in deep doubts, frustration, fear, panic and hopelessness!

With homeopathic treatment of 6 months she got conceived, and had awesomely healthy pregnancy. It was a planned C section. The baby boy’s birth weight was 8 lb 3 oz. We managed all her pregnancy and after care of postpartum with homeopathy which includes pain management as well after a c- section.

She still does not need any prescription medications for hypothyroid and PCOS as her blood work looks pretty good so far! And our next goal is to keep this maintained!!

Treated the whole case with homeopathic constitutional, miasmatic remedies, nosodes, ayurvedic diet and herbs, flower remedies and when needed given homeopathic acute remedies and of course counseling/ mindfulness as well!

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