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A case of Cashew Nut allergy

Updated: Apr 7, 2021

.... And the little girl found joy of eating nuts again.....

A girl of age almost 4 came with her mom for the treatment of vesicular rash after she ate cashews and every time she will develop rashes after eating the cashews.

Rash from last week of Jan 2016

Redness ➡️ hardness ➡️ blister ➡️vesicular rash only on upper limbs

First on one arm then after its completely gone the other one erupts on other arm or leg.

BLOOD WROK- was shown to have allergy of walnuts, cashews, eggs, wheat

But she used to have rashes only after cashews. This is a case of acquired allergies, is seen on skin with delayed reaction.

Locally the rash is - Itching ++

Pain ++

Burning ++ blows air with mouth

Itching in general too is there ; tells mom to scratch her back many times especially in the evening.

RECENT CHANGES- Has a brother 10/11 months old

Girl is very mischievous, naughty, caring and loving.

EMOTIONALLY- Very possessive about mom when mom is playing with baby she can not tolerate and then she will go away , sit down and say I am a bad girl , nobody loves me .

But if baby is crying will say see he is crying , take him give him milk .

Cares for baby but wants attention all the time .

To want attention will cry will pretend .


Very affectionate as even if on tv someone is crying she will start crying . She cries even if her class mate is crying .

If mom says she is not well then will show her affection by giving her medicine; balm....

If baby is sleeping will take care that no one makes noise .

If mom scolds then wants mom to give her hug and if dad scolds then only wants mom to give her hug .

Recently 4/5 months before dad has changed a lot ;

He has office tensions and he wants this girl to be very well behaved .

Dad saw some girl misbehaving with her dad in a party and thinks that even my daughter will become like that so for every small thing he started scolding her .

Dad even spanked the baby as well 3/4 times over few months.

Dad thinks that the kids do everything deliberately to trouble parents eg if they are not sleeping or not eating .

Dad has a very bad history of parenting and his childhood ;

Mom was not well with heart disease so he had to cook , wash cloths and dishes and all the household work in very young age of like 7-8 yrs .

His dad has some psychological conditions and gets epilepsy attacks . So he not used to send money and as a young boy ( girl's dad as a kid) was not even used to get food many times .

So now the dad does not know how to behave with his own kids; he does not have the parenting skills or that dad's mind and the sense .

This girl likes mostly all daily or regular homemade food; she is a food lover/foodie ; Likes butter, likes all spicy, flavorful foods.

Likes open cool breeze she enjoys it very much.

Past history- Had prickly heat in summers heat and which was very red and extensive.

This case was treated with constitutional and miasmatic remedy. Just within 8 weeks she started eating the nuts and never had any rashes. We discontinued the medicine after 8 weeks and till today she is doing absolutely fine!! When she was on her homeopathic treatment everybody else in the family got the Flu but she never got infected at all and was fine.

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