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Homeopathy Care during Summer

Updated: Jun 24, 2020

Summer is around the corner and which means lots of outdoor fun is awaiting you. To make the most of every summer fun, beaches, camping, travels and adventures, it's time to stock up on homeopathy's safe healing remedies too.

Common summer health challenges are sunburn, bug bites, summer headaches, summer diarrhea, travel sickness, jet lag etc. Homeopathy offers treatment for all conditions with its vast medicinal resources plus it's safe, gentle, non-toxic, pleasant tasting, and without side effects.


  • Urtica urens: Indications for use are redness and intense burning heat with a violent itching or a stinging, pricking quality. The burnt skin resembles a rash with little white bumps. This remedy originates from Stinging Nettle.

  • Cantharis: The skin is red with very painful burning, rawness, and smarting, and is better from cool applications that the person doesn’t want to take off. This is our main first-aid remedy for any type of burn.

  • Causticum: This remedy is for more serious burns that blister and ooze or for the ill-effects of old burns. Topical applications can be very soothing to any kind of burn.

  • Calendula or Hypericum (1:1) mother tincture diluted in water, 1 to 10 parts. Apply cool compresses to the sunburned skin, refreshing them frequently as they warm up against the skin.

Bee/ Mosquito/ insect bites

  • Ledum palustre: This is the main remedy for puncture wounds from insect stings and spider bites as well as a good, first choice for any kind of bite (including a dog or cat bite) that burns, itches, and stings. The site of the sting is bluish in colour with hard, white swelling that feels cold to the touch. The person is usually chilly but better from very cold applications, which is unusual, and therefore, the guiding symptom to use of this remedy.

  • Apis mellifica: This is another frequently indicated remedy, when there is tremendous red puffy swelling at the site of the bite, along with a burning, throbbing, stinging sensation. The person is hot and restless, worse with heat, and relieved by cold applications and cold air.

  • Caladium: For intensely itching flea, fly, and mosquito bites with no other major complaints. For inflammation and infection from every mosquito bite.

  • Urtica urens. For urticaria (hives) caused by allergic reactions to insect bites and jellyfish stings, characterized by burning, prickling, and itching pain, which is better from constantly rubbing the area.

Headache after Sun exposure

  • Carbo Veg: Along with heat headaches, the patients who will require this medicine will also have symptoms like flatulence and pain in the upper abdomen area. Also, the patient will have a constant need for air conditioning and cool breeze.

  • Glonine: This medicine is usually helpful when the patient has gone through a sun stroke. High temperature is one of the symptoms of this condition along with persistent heat headaches. Drowsiness will also be experienced by patients in such cases. This medicine mainly treats congestive headaches that have been caused due to a sun stroke.

  • Natrum Carb: This medicine is used for treating the symptoms of sun strokes that result in intense headaches caused due to exposure to extreme heat. Also, it is a good medicine to use when there is exhaustion and exposure to other chemicals like gas light.

  • Belladona: This medicine can be prescribed for patients who are experiencing shooting pains on the intense and violent side in the head. These kinds of headaches also cause symptoms like cold feet and blood shot eyes. Belladona can be used to soothe these symptoms.

Prickly Heat/ Skin Rash

  • Chamomilla: This is the best remedy for children who have heat rash with itching that gets worse at night. The child shows utmost irritability along with itching. The child may also show a desire for being carried by parents in most cases.

  • Natrum Mur: Another remedy for heat rash that gets worse with exertion. Natrum Mur can be taken in all those cases of heat rash where eruptions and itching increase with exertion in physical activities. Shooting pain appears in the eruptions following exertion. Itching, stinging and pricking sensation are also prominent. Worse in heat of sun. Better in open air.

  • Apis Mellifica is an excellent remedy for bringing relief from the burning, stinging and severe prickling heat rash. It soothing the burning and prickling sensation in heat rash cases. The skin eruptions are very sensitive to touch and the skin is red. The desire and tendency to bathe in cold water and uncover for relief from the burning sensation are the key factors that call for the use of Apis Mellifica. The person feels worse when he or she is in a warm room and looks for cool open air to get relief.

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