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Cell Salts / tissue remedies/ Biochemic remedies

The basic foundation of biochemistry is also the foundation of tissue salts – that we must feed our cells the essential nutrients that they are comprised of to be well. This theory impacted largely on Dr Wilheim Heinrich Schuessler in the 19th century, who understood that twelve essential minerals within our cells can be thought of as the workers who are helping to build the healthy cells our body is so reliant on.

Schuessler’s theory had simple logic – that proper balance of twelve vital minerals was necessary for normal cell function and to maintain good health. When that balance is disturbed, ailments can follow. By providing the body these minerals in an easy to absorb tissue salt form, normal balance can be re-established.

Tissue salts are micro doses of 12 minerals, prepared homeopathically, that are important for the normal functioning of the body. Schuessler would finely grind the minerals and supply them at a minute dose, seeing time and time again through patients that their body seemed to become stimulated to regulate its absorption of minerals via the food they were eating. In addition, because they combine the material properties of each mineral salt with the energetic properties of homoeopathic dilution and trituration, tissue salts support balance and well-being.

Minerals create our physical foundations, they are the building blocks of your body, upon which all other nutrients depend on for healthy absorption and function. If your cell chemistry is deficient and you don’t have the capacity to absorb excessive levels of supplements, the bulk of them are excreted without giving you much benefit. The beauty of tissue salts is that they are highly bioavailable, so none is wasted.

Tissue salts can be fast-acting and people can notice subtle differences very quickly when they take them. Pregnant or breastfeeding women, and young children or even babies can also be supplemented with cell salts safely.

The 12 cell salts and the conditions they are used for are:

Calcium fluoride – Calc fluor

Loss of elasticity, varicose veins, haemorrhoids, deficient tooth enamel, hard or cracked skin

The #1cell salt remedy for Bone Spurs

Component of: Skin, connective tissue, tooth enamel, joints and bones.

Traditional indications: Relaxation of connective tissue leading to problems such as hemorrhoids, sluggish circulation, and varicose veins. Cracked skin, eczema, anal fissures, callouses. Diseases affecting the surface of bones. Deficient enamel of the teeth. Senile cataract.

When Ruta is used acutely Calc Flor finishes the repair work needed for the injured tendon or ligament. Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Ganglion cysts.

It’s a good remedy for people who can’t hold adjustments after chiropractic treatment.

Disc problems, slipped disc, a herniated discs that keeps re- herniating, degeneration of the vertebrae. Severe back pains – severe sharp burning shooting pains. Injuries to the spine.

Enlarged tonsils. Glands – Cancer of the glands, breast cancer with a tendency to ulcer. “Knotty Gland” – knotty lymphatic glands. Hodgkin’s Disease Uterine Fibroids, lumpy cystic breast, calcification of the glands

Deafness due to calcium deposits in the ears – if the little bones don’t move.

Fear of poverty and misfortune.

Often better for: Heat in general; hot weather; hot applications; rubbing or massaging

Often worse for: Damp and cold weather, resting

Tongue: Cracked

Discharges: Thick , lumpy, greenish yellow

Calcium phosphate – Calc phos

Poor digestion, anaemia, bone diseases, general tonic. #1 remedy for Osteoporosis. Rickets – Vit D deficiency – osteomylasia, osteomyleitis, spinal osteoporosis, dowager’s hump, bone curvatures including spinal

Component of: All body tissues, especially teeth and bones.

Traditional indications: Poor digestion and assimilation of food, especially following surgery. Anaemia. Poor calcification of bones or healing of fractures. Rickets and osteomalacia. Cramps and poor circulation. cavities in teeth, fatigue after mental work, delayed walking, delayed teething. Slow growth and development in children, it is a good growth and development remedy for children in general. Growth problems #1 remedy for Growing Pains and bone pains.

The underlying miasm for this remedy is TB; It is used when there is a tendency for colds and sore throats. Frequent respiratory tract infections.

Chronic remedy for Ignatia – A person really frustrated, hypersensitive to smoke. Sighing (Ignatia) as if there isn’t enough oxygen and the person is compelled to take a deep breath that isn’t satisfying.

A good grief remedy that can follow Nat Mur or Phosphoric acid.

Craves cigarettes – helps get rid of the craving for tobacco.

Craves bacon and smoked meat such as salami.

Discontent, Calc Phos patients do not know what they want, a deep dissatisfaction.


Often better for: Lying down; resting; warmth.

Often worse for: Damp and cold weather; getting wet.

Tongue: Bad taste in mouth

Discharges: Albuminous like egg white

Calcium sulphate – Calc sulph

Commonly known as plaster of paris , Spots, pimples, skin disorders and slow healing wounds, suppuration

Component of: Gall bladder (bile) and liver.

Traditional indications: Dandruff. Pimples. Boils. Shingles. Ulcers. Abscesses. Fistulas. Bronchitis. Dry eczema. Unhealed cuts. Has a cleansing effect throughout the system. Assists in the removal of waste via the lymphatic system. Infected wounds with pus. If the complaint looks like it should call for the homeopathic remedy Hepar sulph, but it does not respond to Hepar, think Calc sulph. It’s easy to remember this salt if you think of it as “a deeper Hepar.”

Often better for: Dry air and cool open weather.

Often worse for: Wet, damp, warm weather; physical exertion.

Tongue: Clay colored, sour soapy acrid taste.

Discharges: Yellow, bloody,

Ferrum phosphate – Ferrum phos

Inflammation, redness, throbbing, first stage of respiratory complaints, inflammations, injuries

Component of: All parts of the body, especially red blood cells.

Traditional indications: Often called the First Aid Salt. Early stages of acute disorders. Early fevers. Anaemia. Aids the absorbtion of iron. This salt is well known to help in the first stage of a fever or an acute illness (e.g., a cough or cold) before any clearly identifiable symptoms have developed. The person will be listless with flushed cheeks but no other clear symptoms—for example, you would not expect to see the restlessness that indicates the need for Aconite or the shiny eyes pointing to Belladonna.

Alternate Ferrum phos with Calc phos for simple anemia with low energy. The “calcium” helps the body to absorb the iron more effectively. These are wonderful remedies to give to pregnant women who are anemic but loath to take medicines for fear of side effects. It is especially helpful for those who experience constipation and other side effects from iron supplements.Think of Ferrum phos for nosebleeds either after an injury or when blowing the nose during a cough or cold.

“Bone marrow transplants” Anemia after radiation, surgery, drug overdose People coming out of the hospital Anemia from loss of blood. never been well since blood loss. Non-specific hemorrhage.

Raynaud's disease, poor circulation.

Increasing oxygenation a good remedy for runners and marathon runners.

Often better for: Gentle motions; cold applications; rest.

Often worse for: Damp and cold weather; getting wet.

Tongue: clean and red , with dry throat

Discharges: burning scanty , dryness, bright menses, easily coagulates

Potassium chloride – Kali mur

Mucous congestion, glandular swellings, coughs, tonsillitis, ulcerated sore throat, digestive disturbances, swollen joints

Component of: All parts of the body, especially connective tissue.

Traditional indications: Second stage of inflammation (after Ferr phos). Complaints of the respiratory system – coughs, colds, bronchitis. Thick, white discharges from skin or mucous membranes. Glandular or chronic rheumatic swellings. Works well with Calc Sulph in the removal of waste products. White – grey coated tongue and light colored stool. Digestive disturbances, especially from eating fatty or rich food.

This remedy is for earaches, with congestion in the Eustachian tubes so that hearing is affected. It is brilliant for the snap, crackle, and popping noises in the ears after a cold. For subacute , chronic ear infections.

Ear infections with too much fluid, pressure in the ear. Use after an ear infection, for people who can’t hear well after an ear infection. Ear canal clogged. Blocked Eustachian tubes – hearing, deafness. Helps prevent children from getting tubes in the ears.

Swimmer’s ear. A preventative for people flying in a plane to prevent the ear drums from clogging up and sensitivity to pressure. The feeling that the ears won’t pop.

Often better for: Keeping still; cold applications.

Often worse for: Motion; physical exertion; rich foods.

Tongue: white or gray coated

Discharges: thick , white, clay colored stools , blood from eczema

Potassium phosphate – Kali phos

Nerve and brain tonic

Nervous tension, irritability, tension headaches, depression, lethargy, forgetfulness nerve tonic. “Homeopathic Valium” taken to gently calm a person down who is nervous or stressed. Kali Phos is a convalecent remedy

Component of: Brain and nerves, muscles, blood, body fluids.

Traditional indications: Nervous states leading to anxiety, changeable moods, headaches, heartburn, asthma, insomnia, depression, lethargy or exhaustion. Poor memory. Shingles. Convalescence.

This remedy is also lovely for the simple insomnia that follows a period of excitement or intense work or mental strain, when a person feels worn out but cannot sleep.

Chronic Fatigue syndrome from overuse of the brain. A major insomnia remedy. Sleepless from worry, business troubles. Insomnia especially for people who work irregular hours.

Often better for: Warmth; rest; gentle motion; company; heat.

Often worse for: Worry & stress.

Tongue: Stale brownish mustard like taste.

Discharges: bloody, offensive odor, burning , scalding.

Potassium sulphate – Kali sulph

Dry scaly skin, dandruff, skin eruptions, inflammations with yellow discharges, shifting pains. Kali Sulph is often the chronic remedy of Pulsatilla. Famous dandruff remedy.

Component of: Skin, muscles.

Traditional indications: Third (chronic) stage of inflammations. Yellowish or greenish discharge from any mucous membrane or skin surface. Yellow, slimy tongue. Yellow scaling of skin. Scaling – The skin dries off and falls off. Psoriasis.

1st remedy to think of when coughing up globs of yellow mucous. Yellow discharges A good residual remedy for children with bronchitis.

Sinusitis with thick bland yellow mucous.

Never been well since Poison Ivy, Oak

Complaint of tiredness – Aversion to work, going through the day is a burden.

Feels better missing a meal.

Better for: Dry and stable weather; cool, fresh, open air.

Often worse for:Hot drinks; late afternoon air.

Tongue: yellow, whitish, edge, taste lost, burning heat in mouth, peeling of lip skin.

Discharges: yellow, greenish yellow.

Magnesium phosphate – Mag phos

Muscle cramps, spasms & twitches, spasmodic pain or colic, migraine, "Homeopathic Aspirin". Ticks & Twitches of the Face. Trigeminal Neuralgia. Back injuries “ Pulled Back” Whiplash remedy – The neck cramps up

Component of: Muscles, blood cells, nervous tissue, bones, teeth.

Traditional indications: Muscle spasms, cramps, and hiccups. Muscular twitches. Sharp twinges of pain. Anti-Spasmodic – Leg Cramps, Leg Cramps in long distance runners. Cramps at night especially when sleeping, wakes up with leg and foot cramps.

Shooting, Shifting Pains Painful hand pains: Writer’s cramp, Piano Player’s cramp, Computer Workers, Carpenter’s – Nerve pain from using hands too much. Painter’s from holding the brush Acute Carpal Tunnel Syndrome. Calc Flor is the chronic remedy. Telephone workers from holding the neck crooked. Cramp in the neck with brachial neuralgia.

Renal or gallbladder colic. Gastrointestinal colic. Useful for menstrual pain/ cramps. It has been called “the homeopathic aspirin” because of its ability to heal acute pains anywhere such as earache, headache, toothache (including teething in babies), and even sciatica—as long as the pains are better for heat and pressure.

Often better for: Firm pressure; bending double; heat.

Often worse for: Cold air; noise; glare.

Tongue: Clean or coated white

Discharges: watery diarrhea, dark clotted menses

Sodium chloride – Nat mur

“Salt of the Earth” The biggest thing in the world is the ocean – Salt water’s main constituent is Sodium Chloride. Helps balance fluids moving in and out of cells. Sodium and chloride ions are very important ions in extracellular fluid. Nat Mur is useful in a wide variety of symptoms.

Excessive dryness or edema of tissues, runny nose, loss of smell or taste, sadness

Component of: All body fluids and tissues.

Traditional indications: Disorders of fluid metabolism – excessive fluid or dryness anywhere in the body. Examples: oedema, salivation, colds with clear discharge and sneezing; early stages of a dry cough and for colds with watery or clear but thick, eggwhite-like mucus. craving for salty foods; dry skin; Headache with constipation. Headaches from exposure to the sun. Headaches in school girls.

Loss of taste and smell.

This is an excellent remedy for acute cold sores or even heat sores. SORES and the headaches can come on after emotional stress, they can also be caused by too much heat, especially the heat of the sun, or by hormonal surges like around a menstrual period.

It is considered a major grief remedy on the emotional level. THE GRIEF HITS AND THE SALT METABOLISM GOES OFF.

People who need diuretics, swelling of the hands and feet, they can gain a few pounds of water weight. Water retention before menstrual cycle. High Blood Pressure – Salt sensitive pressure problems They are sensitive to the Sun. “Allergic to the Sun”.

Hay fever remedy with thin clear discharge and sneezing.

Often better for: Open air, fresh air, tight clothing; lying on right side.

Often worse for: Hot rooms; heat; noise; lying down; talking.

Tongue: Dry, parched ,sore throat, salty taste, blisters

Discharges; All watery discharges

Sodium phosphate – Nat phos

Acidity, indigestion or heartburn, rheumatism. A great kidney remedy

Component of: Blood cells, muscles, nerve and brain cells, body fluids.

Traditional indications: An overly acidic system. Indigestion or heartburn. Lactic acid build-up. People who need this remedy cannot tolerate many foods—milk, fats, sweets, or vinegar—which cause acidity with heartburn, indigestion, and gas. This little remedy is helpful for infants with colic who vomit curdled milk after eating, and who are sensitive to cow’s milk.

Big appetite with little gain of weight Food Allergies – serious food allergies Nat Phos can help the body deal with them.

A good remedy for Diabetes #1 Cell salt for Diabetes

Worms: A good remedy for children & babies and animals for worms.

Rheumatism : painful muscles and connective tissue. Sciatica. Complaints from fatty food.

Detoxification and Fasting: A great tissue salt to use for detoxification. An acid / alkaline balancer. Nat Phos taken with Kali Phos are good for fasting and detoxification Kali Phos calms you down and Nat Phos helps you eliminate toxins.

Often better for: warmth

Often worse for: Thunderstorms; mental or physical exertion; fats.

Tongue: moist yellow, creamy , acid taste

Discharges: sour smelling stools, creamy, yellow

Sodium sulphate – Nat sulph

Biliousness, liver upsets and fluid retention, constipation, leg ulcers

Component of: Extracellular fluid.

Traditional indications: Poor elimination of metabolic wastes from the body via kidneys, liver and bowel. Constipation, diarrhea, colic, indigestion, and green diarrhea after starchy foods or fruits. Nat Sulph – They can’t stand the dampness. Feels every change from dry to wet weather.

Never been well since Hepatitis.

Lungs – A big asthma remedy worse dampness.

Head Injuries: HEAD INJURIES –never been well since Total personality change after a mild or severe concussion. Sun headaches after head injury.

In chronic pain cases, they lose their confidence and they go into chronic depression.

Satiated with life – Life is a burden.

Often better for: Warm dry air; open air.

Often worse for: Dampness; lying on left side; pressure.

Tongue: Dirty, green, grey, brown, Bitter taste, full of saliva

Discharges: pus changes to green on exposure to sunlight , diarrhea- green stools

Silicea – Sil

Hair, skin and nail complaints – pimples, boils, ulcers, styes, excessive perspiration, #1 cell salt for pre-mature babies. Silica firms up everything

Component of: Skin, hair, nails, muscles, nerves, glands, connective tissue.

Traditional indications: Lack of strength in connective tissues. Brittle or weak nails. #1 Cell salt for nails that break easily. Cracking nails, brittle nails, toenail problems with fungus, ingrown toenails, nails with white spots on them. Bunions. Strengthens the hair, skin, and nails

Gum abscesses. Fistulas. Styes. Discharging abscesses.

Worse exertion, weak & fragile “ I need more stamina”

Major remedy for bad effects of vaccinations in newborns. Silica also helps dogs and cats from problems with vaccinations.

#1 remedy for removing foreign objects from the body. Glass, wood splinters – it will bring out the old splinter.

Bashful stool – stool comes out and goes back in. Anal fissures

The skin is weak – every cut scars, also boils, abscesses form easily.

For boils or abscesses that are painful but not discharging yet, Silica has a reputation as the “homeopathic lancet” because it hastens the suppuration or pus-formation process. It helps with infections and post-surgical scars that are inflamed, painful, and slow to heal.

SWEATING: Horrible foot sweat, foot odor, sweat eats through socks, silica people sometimes wash their feet 3X a day.

Sweating under the armpits – The worst thing you can do is put on foot powder to suppress the sweat. Anytime you suppress sweat in a silica person it makes them worse. Perspiration stains yellow. Head sweats (Calc Carb), they tend to perspire profusely especially on the back of the neck and on the feet. On perspiring if the silica person is exposed to a draft which evaporates the sweat – he may develop a headache.

Miner’s asthma – who breathe stuff in, silica helps clean out dust and matter from the lungs Altitude sickness – think silica with anyone with shortness of breath

Often better for: Warmth; warm, humid weather.

Often worse for: Light; noise; cold.

Tongue: Hardening of tongue , ulcers

Discharges: Pustules, yellow pus,loose expectoration, rattling of thick yellow pus. Stools fetid, offensive. Pus & mucus in urine. Foot sweat.


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