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Homeopathy For Backache during Pregnancy


Pain comes on fast and disappears just as quickly

its worse from sudden jarring movements and from touch.

Feeling very restless.

may have a flushed, red face with dilated pupils, and be thirsty for lemonade.

Older women with their first pregnancy respond very well to Belladonna for backache.

Rhus Tox:

Is a top grade Homeopathic medicine for treating back pain.

Back pain arises from muscle strain due to overstraining or over stretching or from lifting heavy weight.

It worsens with rest while the person feels relief from walking or motion. Also, in cases where the back pain gets better with hard pressure.

Bryonia Alba:

Back pain gets worse with motion.

Walking also worsens the back pain.

Rest brings relief.

The most suitable Homeopathic medicine for treating back pain that becomes more severe with stooping and standing.

Aesculus Hippocastanum:
This is a major Homeopathic medicine for back pain affecting the sacrum region.
The pain may extend to the hip along with sacrum back.
Walking and stooping increase the pain.
For some persons needing Aesculus Hippocastanum, rising from a sitting position is a challenge.
Intense stiffness is observed in the sacrum and hip region along with the pain.

Bellis perennis:

This remedy can stop the pain of sciatica of pregnancy or any pain in the groin extending down the legs that makes walking difficult, which often comes on during the last months of pregnancy.

Kali carbonicum:

Abruised, dragging feeling with sudden, sharp pains up and down your back, buttocks, and thighs.

Pain in the hip joint is common.

Hard pressure over the painful area offers relief.

Feels worse from touch.

Very sensitive to changes in weather, cold, and drafts;

Want to be warm, but not overheated.

May feel irritable, touchy, and domineering.


Back feels tired with an aching, dragging pain in lower back, possibly Worse on the left.

Have a sensation of heaviness or bearing down in pelvis as if everything might fall out.

May be depressed and chilly.

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