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Pran Mudra : For Reducing Pitta

Updated: Mar 11, 2020

Popularly known as Praan mudra. The word “Pran” means life. The practice of Pran Mudra strengthens all the five pran in our body.It is useful to increase the pranic energy (vital force) and also enhance immunity and vitality.The practice of Pran mudra increases Earth element, Water element, Kapha humor and also reduce fire element and Pitta humor.

This Mudra is also known as

1.Pran Mudra.

2.Kapha Karak Mudra.

3.Pitta-nashak Mudra


This mudra is formed by joining together the tips of the thumb, the ring finger and the little finger of both the hands.For optimum results one has to do this mudra for 45 min in meditative poses like Padmasan OR Sukhasan especially in the morning hours. But if not possible then can be done in 3 parts of 15 min during day. It is better that If you practice Vata nashak mudra combined with this mudra.

▪ Chronic fatigue, general debility, low endurance

▪ Impaired immunity (tendency to contract infectious diseases)

▪ Mental tension, anger, irritability, jealousness, pride, impatience, chronic sense of time-urgency

▪ Forgetfulness

▪ Intolerance of heat, stress and noise; ailments which get worse in summer

▪ Hyperthyroidism (weight-loss despite having good appetite)

▪ Inflammatory disorders (diseases ending with ‘itis’)

▪ Sleeplessness; light/disturbed sleep

▪ High blood pressure, athero-sclerosis (hardening and narrowing of arteries)

▪ Burning in the mouth, throat, stomach; apthous ulcers, acidity, ulcerative colitis

▪ Loose, bloody stools; dysentery

▪ Scanty, burning urination

▪ Excessive, foul-smelling perspiration

▪ Excessive, painful menses

▪ Red-hot joints; Rheumatoid Arthritis; instability of joints

▪ Burning, red, dry yes; Cataract

▪ Dry, red, hot, ageing, skin; skin-rashes;urticaria, leprosy

▪ Dry, sparse, grey hair

▪ Jaundice

▪ Premature aging

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