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Homeopathy For Seasonal Allergies

Ahh, Spring! All winter long we anticipate the warmer weather, chirping birds, and blooming flowers. But for one in four Americans, spring also brings seasonal allergies, an immune system response that turns sufferers into congested, itchy sneeze machines. Want to avoid as much of that mess as possible? Read on for effective allergy treatments that promise to prevent or lessen your reaction to the allergens.

Acute homeopathic prescribing can provide temporary relief of acute allergic symptomatology. The following are the main homeopathic remedies that may be used to provide temporary relief, if the symptoms noted correspond well to the symptoms you are experiencing.

Allium cepa:

Lots of sneezing; especially when entering a warm room. Begins sneezing, with increasing frequency.

Itchy, watery eyes – bland, non-irritating discharge

Copious, watery and extremely acrid discharge FROM NOSE; excoriates lip and wings of nose.

Very sensitive to odor of flowers and skin of peaches.


Worse, in the evening, in warm room.

Better, in open air, and in cold room.

Euphrasia officinalis:

Very red, itchy and watery eyes with burning (conjunctivitis)

The eyes water all the time.

Very sensitive to the light and prefers to stay indoors in a dimly lit room. Eyes feel worse in open air, and wind.

Profuse acrid tearing, with profuse bland discharge from nose (reverse of Allium Cepa).

Short-acting remedy: very useful in upper respiratory affections without fever. Sneezing; fluent bland nasal discharge with acrid tears.


Worse, in evening, indoors, warmth; south winds; from light.

Better, from coffee, in dark.

Arsenicum album:

Hay asthma, Complaints that return annually.

Burning in eyes, with acrid lachrymation.

Thin, watery, excoriating discharge from nose. Nose feels stopped up.

Sneezing with nasal burning relieved by hot compresses on the sides of the nose and breathing warm air through a humidifier.

Specific allergies to mould, dust and cats.

Restlessness, tiredness, coldness of hands and feet and distressful waking in the night

High-strung and anxious about health.


Worse in open air; wet weather, after midnight; from cold, cold drinks, or food.

Better, indoors, external warmth, warm drinks.


Very thick yellow-green discharge from nose; Tends to blow nose all the time.

Mucous often forms thick crusts around the nose

Sinusitis: Dull, pressing frontal pain.

Follicular pharyngitis. Raw, smarting, excoriating sensation. Hawking of yellow, tenacious mucus.

Child is aroused suddenly from sleep by this tenacious post-nasal dropping.

Averse to bread and vegetables

Sabadilla officinalis:

Spasmodic fits of sneezing with a lot of discharge

Itchiness of the nose and soft palate, the child will want to scratch the top of his mouth.

Nostrils stuffed up: inspirations through nose laboured: snoring.

Itching in nose; bleeding from nose.

Violent sneezing; with copious watery discharge.

Severe frontal pains and redness eyelids.

Very sensitive to smell of garlic.

Triggered by exposure to flowers.


Worse, cold and cold drinks, full moon.

Better, warm food and drink, wrapped up.

Ambrosia artemisaefolia:

Intolerable itching and watering from eyes. Burning of eyes. Sneezing and watery nasal discharge. Nose and head feel stuffy. Nose bleeds.

Arum triphyllum:

Soreness of nostrils. Acrid, excoriating discharge, producing raw sores.

Nose obstructed; must breathe through mouth.

Boring in the nose. Coryza; discharge blood-streaked, watery.

Nose completely stopped, with fluent, acrid discharge.

Hay-fever, with pain over root of nose.

Large scabs high up on right side of nose.

Face feels chapped, as if from cold wind; feels hot.

Constant picking at nose until it bleeds.

Wyethia helenoides

Tremendous itching of the upper palate of the mouth causing the person to make “clucking” noises in effort to provide some relief.

Itching of the nose and throat, along with a constant desire to swallow saliva to relieve the dryness may also be present.

Constant clearing and hemming.

Dry, posterior nares; no relief from clearing.

epiglottis dry and burning. Difficult swallowing.

Uvula feels elongated.


The roof of the mouth is extremely itchy, and the eyes and ear canals itch and burn.

The nostrils itch annoyingly.

Much sneezing and loss of smell are also common with these allergies.

Hay fever begins with burning and itching of hard palate in the mouth and the conjunctiva in the corners of the eyes.

Head congestion with snuffling.

First water runs from the nose, later green mucus.

With sneezing, pieces of indurated greenish mucus are discharged. Itching, burning, dryness of sinuses.


The back of the nose has a feeling of fullness with a dryness of the nasal membranes.

The person sneezes often and constantly needs to blow the nose, but there is no discharge.

Dry scabs form, especially in the evening and at night.

There is a feeling of floating in the air.

Sometimes the neck is stiff. A dry, hacking cough comes on at night, which gets worse on inspiration.

Allergies tend to get worse with sudden changes of temperature.

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