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Homeopathy For Injuries

Injuries like contusion, concussion, abrasions. small and superficial burns are so common in day to day life. And here is which homeopathic remedies are used for these injuries in a very effective way to not only reduce the inflammation and pain but the healing is fast and in completely natural way without any side effects.


Clean cuts with sharp, shooting pains. Heals and prevents infection. Sunburn, minor burns. Used in tincture or ointment for external application.


First remedy to think of in trauma to soft tissue. Bruising or contusion, swelling. Person has fear of being touched in injured areas. Sore, bruised feeling from overexertion. Emotional trauma as a result of physical trauma. And if you are afraid of starting your workout because you are new at it or coming back after an injury, take Arnica before the workout. You will be amazed at how well you can keep up. Use Arnica for any pulled muscle, or sore or torn muscle, any time there is a bruised feeling in the belly of the muscle.


Injury to nerves or parts rich in nerves such as tailbone, hands or feet. VERY PAINFUL injuries.Shooting, tingling pains. Minor puncture wounds animal bites. Tailbone Injuries. Spinal cord injuries.


Older injuries with stiffness. Worse on beginning to move, better after moving for a while. Worse cold damp weather or before a storm. Better warm shower or massage. Strains from over-lifting. “The rusty hinge” remedy.


Sprains, bursitis, dislocations all much WORSE MOTION. Area is very swollen, like a sack of water around the injured joint. Person feels very irritable and is thirsty for large gulps of water.


Injury to tendons or ligaments or periosteum. Tennis elbow. Sprained wrist. Worse cold damp weather. Bruised feeling. Ruta can be used for over-strained muscles eg eye strains after watching the screens too long or after too much work out. For the aerobics fanatics who put so much strain on their knee joints, Ruta is a specific for knee problems.


Bruises that turn purple and yellow. Injured part feels cold yet is better cold compress. Pains travel upwards. Insect bites


Can be used in case of fractures. can speed recovery. It is the orthopedic specific of the herb remedies. Do not start Symphytum until you are sure the bones are set correctly, because it promotes such rapid healing that it can make the bones heal misaligned.


This remedy is for pain of a burn, especially more severe burns such as second or third degree burns. It should be taken internally in potency.


This is one of the primary medicines used to reduce the pain of first degree burns, including sunburns, and to speed up the healing process.


Apis provides soothing relief for swelling, edema, burning and stinging pains. Itchy skin conditions. Great to keep on hand for first-aid treatment. Use for sunburn, insect bites and stings. Apis Mel is from Honey Bees and is a perfect match for clearing the itching and swelling of insect bites,bee stings, wasp, hornet, mosquito, and other flying insects

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