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Homeopathy For Pre-menstrual Syndrome (PMS)

Updated: Nov 9, 2019

Bryonia alba:

Irritable and easily angered.

Prefers to be alone and dislikes being disturbed.

Painful, swollen breasts that hurt with movement.

Breasts must be supported during movement.

Stitching, shooting pains in the breasts.

Thirsty for large drinks.

Much better for being quiet.

Anxiety about business affairs or finances.

Dryness of mouth. Hard constipation.

Headaches before the periods, often in the forehead and back of the head, worse for movement.

Feels worse during the heat.


Extremely irritable and angry. Rude and short-tempered. Dissatisfied – cannot be pleased no matter what is done. Oversensitive to pain or environmental stimuli such as noise, odours, and touch.

Does not want to be spoken to or touched.

Symptoms worsened by coffee.

Physical symptoms caused by anger.

Pains in the uterus from anger.

Painful cramps before the periods.

Feels worse once periods start.


Irritable, sharp-tongued, vindictive, jealous, or suspicious.

Witty, sometimes with meanness. Passionate and talkative – may hardly pause for breath.

Premenstrual symptoms or cramps settle as soon as the period begins.

Overactive mind, especially in the evening and before midnight.

Tight clothing is unbearable, especially around the neck.

Headache before the periods, pulsating in temples.Left-sided symptoms or complaints.

Feels the heat.

Feels worse after waking from a sleep.


Weeping before the periods. Lack of confidence.

Anxiety about new things.

Feelings of helplessness.

Avoids responsibilities.

Digestive disturbances – bloating and flatulence.

Craving for sweets.

Bossy or rude with family members or subordinates.

Headaches from overheating.

Dry blockage of nose at night.

Worse between 4 – 8pm. Symptoms worse on the right side, or starting on the right and moving to the left.

Nux vomica:

Driven. Fussy and fault-finding.

Extreme behaviour.

Irritable or angry if hindered, to the point of rage.

Desire for stimulants (eg, coffee) or relaxants (eg, alcohol).

Competitive and ambitious.

Quarrelsome, even to violence. Jealous.

Feels the cold.

Symptoms from becoming cold.


Worse in the morning.

Desires fatty food.


Weepy and moody. Feeling alone, unloved, and as if nobody cares.

Wanting sympathy, affection, or to held and cuddled. T

ears and irritability if ignored.

Mild and yielding. Symptoms worse at times of hormonal change (puberty, periods, pregnancy, menopause). Changeable symptoms – no two menstrual cycles or periods are alike.

Sensitive to heat.

Everything feels worse in a stuffy room and better for fresh air.

Little or no thirst.

Symptoms from rich or fatty food.

Headaches before the periods.


Irritability and anger. Sarcastic. Desire to be alone. Not wanting to talk. Better for work, keeping busy, or strenuous exercise.

Dislikes being touched or shown affection.

Weeping before the periods. Craves sour things or chocolate.

Dragging pain during periods. As if everything was going to ‘fall out’ during periods.



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