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Homeopathy For Heavy Menses


It is a great anti haemorrhagic remedy; Sabina acts upon the mucous membrane of the uterus and also upon the serous membranes; pain flies from sacrum to pubis. haemorrhage is profuse at the time of menses; they are long lasting, partly fluid and partly clotted, offensive in nature; blood comes in gushes; intense colicky pains in abdomen at the time of menses, these pains are associated with bearing down or labor like pains; pain traverse from vagina to uterus; discharge of blood between periods with sexual excitement; inflammation of the tubes, ovaries and uterus; uterine fibroids are usually the cause of menorrhagia at the climacteric age; profuse leucorrhoea and the discharge is bloody.

Sabina has hemorrhagic tendency and bleeds from all the mucous membranes; pulsation all over the body with sense of fullness. shooting type of pains from sacrum to pubes; sense of fullness in the rectum with bleeding hemorrhoids and the blood is bright red. Warts around the anus, pus like gonorrhoeal discharge from urethra; urethra is inflamed.

Sabina is nervous sad and depressed. music makes her nervous; also music is intolerable for her.


Menorrhagia due to prolapse of uterus; menses are profuse and too early, sometimes twice a month; blood is dark coagulated; there is bearing down and pressing pains in the uterine region; this pain traverse from hip to hip. severe pains in lower extremities; backache after menstruation, with heavy pressing down sensation; if the menses are suppressed, they are scanty or copious with severe pains during the flow; all the symptoms either physical or mental are worse during menses; discharges are offensive; spasms and cramps in the muscles of back. shooting and throbbing pains in head as a reflux of uterine bleeding; nausea and vomiting caused by pressure on the spine; ovarian neuralgia is well treated by this remedy; pain across the pelvis; rheumatic pains in the joints; sleeplessness.

She is depressed; visions of rat, mice running across the room; delirium, hysterical and epileptic spasms; the mental symptoms are intermingled with rheumatism. mental symptoms are worse during menses; Sabina is so much depresses that, she cries when questioned; sensation as if some weight is laid on her head; almost all the symptoms are due to fear and she is worse during menstrual flow.


Pelvic inflammatory diseases such as salpingo-oophoritis, chronic endometritis usually tubercular in origin or malignancy of genito-urinary tract is also treated by this remedy. dysfunctional uterine haemorrhage is an important cause of menorrhagia; polycystic ovarian disease may be seen developed if the patient has sycosis as predominant miasm; menses too early and scanty but last too long; stitching pains; women, burning and stitching pain in the region of uterus; ovaries are inflamed and painful at the time of menses; these pains are radiating down the inner side of the thighs; fibroids of the uterus are common; menorrhagia due to uterine polypi.

There is numbness, trembling and paralytic weakness of the extremities; major joints of the body are inflamed and stiff; stitching pains in the breast during menses; laryngitis with hoarseness of voice; bronchitis with bloody expectoration; sharp and stitching pain in chest with haemoptysis; left side of the chest is usually affected; haemorrhoids with burning pain; morning diarrhoea, stools are profuse watery and involuntarily poured with a sensation as if anus is wide open.


Menorrhagia due to endocrinal dysfunction is well treated by this remedy, especially of the thyroid gland; the synthesis of thyroxin is hampered ; menstruation is irregular; Generally it is uterine haemorrhage; menorrhagia with enlarged and indurated uterus; Iodum may be thought of when haemorrhage is due to pathological condition of uterus; there is acute catarrh of endometrium; great weakness during menses, wedge like pain in right ovarian region; haemorrhage occurring at every stool with cutting pain in the abdomen, pain in the loins and small of back.

signs of rapid metabolism. loss of flesh with great appetite . majority of glands of the body are hypertrophied, hard and nodular. emaciated. hot , better by cold; patient wants to move all the time as the symptoms are relieved when she is busy; patient is always hungry and wants to eat all the time. but also has indigestion with diarrhoea. Assimilation is poor and very low.


Aletris Farinosa is a tincture made from the herb stargrass. It is useful in women who have profuse menstrual flow, labor like cramps with a feeling of a heavy uterus. Women who need this remedy are flat out exhausted from being anemic and may also suffer with yeast infections.

Thlapsi bursa pastoris is a tincture made from shepherd’s purse. It is an excellent remedy for hemorrhaging from uterine fibroids, with clots and cramps. The blood may be dark, staining. Women who need this remedy suffer from extreme pain and uterine colic.

Rubus Ideus is usually made into a gemmotherapy remedy, not a mother tincture. That means it is a 1DH potency in a glycerine macerate base. This remedy is made from red raspberry and is useful for painful, heavy menses, vaginitis. It is a drainage remedy for the liver and the pelvic organs.

Vitex, Agnus Castus is a remedy made from the herb chasteberry. Chasteberry increases one’s production of progesterone and may reduce bleeding.

Apium Graveolens is a tincture made from celery. It is useful for menstrual disorders with headaches, sharp or aching pains and heavy flow. They suffer with pains in the left ovary that cause the patient to double over. These types may have tender nipples around their monthly flow as well.

Millefolium is a tincture made from the common weed, yarrow. It is a great remedy for profuse bleeding and bright red blood. It can be indicated when bleeding occurs from heavy lifting or exertion.

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