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Homeopathy For Menopause

Updated: Jan 18, 2022

Homeopathy is personalized/ individualized natural form of medicine. All remedies are selected considering the emotional, physical and spiritual components of human existence and suffering or disease conditions and not merely just few physical symptoms. Below are few homeopathic remedies mentioned to give you an idea for education purpose. For best results a consultation with a professional is highly recommended.


The person needing this homeopathic remedy typically experiences flushes of heat primarily on falling asleep, through the night, or on waking.

The most intense hot flashes happen without any perspiration - a dry heat. This remedy is arguably the most common of the remedies to give relief to those with menopausal hot flashes.

They generally feel worse in the mornings, can’t stand the heat and are hypersensitive to any tight clothing at the neck or waist.

Hot flushes, with headaches, palpitations and hot sweats

Headaches, especially in the vertex, with burning sensations.


A person needing this homeopathic remedy often has hot flashes that are typically accompanied by weakness, lots of sweating.

with the feeling of heat usually ascending upwards.

Sepia patients typically are better from hard workouts or exertion and can be emotionally sensitive and a bit nervous by nature.

They are very chilly and can have an energy dip (or feel worse) from 3-5pm.

They also tend to be sun worshippers – greatly enjoying the heat of the sun for long periods of time.

Must sit down and cross their legs, as they feel their insides will fall out

A woman who was formerly warm and loving is now saying ‘I don’t have any emotions’; sometimes she will say she can’t even remember the sensation or feeling of happiness or joy.

She can feel she must hold on to something to prevent herself from screaming. She can have dullness of mind; feel stupid and absent-minded, with no initiative.

Physically, during the menopause she may have a dry vagina, pain on intercourse, and lack the desire or aversion to sex. She may have flooding during periods, sudden flushes of heat, weakness, perspiration and a sinking feeling in the pit of her stomach.


Pulsatilla is a very important remedy for women’s complaints and is often of use during the menopause.

The woman needing this remedy is of a gentle, mild disposition.

She is emotional and easily moved to laughter or tears.

Her moods are changeable; she can cry at every little thing and loves to be comforted.

She can also be easily irritated and has a tendency to feel slighted, or be fearful of being slighted. In general, she feels better in the fresh air and feels worse in a warm, stuffy room and in the evenings.

Physical problems include irregular menstruation, whether it is too early or too late, too scanty or too profuse.

The menses can be painful enough to cause nausea or vomiting, and bending double can help the pains. Unusually, the bleeding can happen during the day only.

She can have difficulty sleeping because of hot flushes and anxious thoughts, and her legs can be very restless at night.

Calcium Carbonicum:

The typical Calc. carb. woman is responsible, dutiful and hard-working, ‘a pillar of the community’.

She can take on too many responsibilities and become overwhelmed by them.

Mentally, she can be tired and unable to hold onto thoughts or details, and then she feels that she is going mad and worries that other people will realize it.

She has always worried about what others think of her and even more so now.

She has a strong focus on security, with lots of anxieties around money and health. When she is ill, she can despair of ever recovering her health.

You can imagine a Calc. carb. woman if she develops troublesome symptoms during the menopause.

She will worry about her health; she can think she will never feel ‘normal’ again. She will worry about her family; her children and her husband.

She will be anxious about the future.

Hot flushes, with burning sensations in the vertex

Head and neck wet with perspirations, worse during sleep

Metrorrhagia and uterine fibroids, sometimes with marked uterine hemorrhages.

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