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Homeopathy For Painful Period

When it comes to that time of the month, mild cramping, bloating, and heaviness . The crippling cramps, heavy bleeding, serious fatigue and other symptoms that affect your quality of life and can make that "special time" miserable and some may think up to the extreme end that why God made them women ?!?!

I have seen wonderful results when treating women's problems with homeopathy and here is a list of the homeopathic remedies most often recommended for this problem:


A woman needing this homeopathic remedy will generally feel throbbing pains that can be worse on the right side. The cramping often comes on very suddenly and violently. There can be a sensation of fullness in the uterus as well. The flow is often profuse, bright red and at times, gushing. Motion of any kind will exacerbate the pain.

Cactus grandifolia

Someone needing this homeopathic remedy suffers with extremely painful cramps – the cramps feel as though there is a tight, gripping band across the abdomen. In some cases, your patient will actually cry out with pain. The flow tends to be clotted - with pain as each clot is passed. There may also be throbbing pain near the ovary.


A woman needing this homeopathic remedy will experience intense, labor-like pain with the flow. The pain can be felt extending down the inner thighs. The flow itself is often profuse, dark and clotted with occasional gushing of bright red blood. Patients needing this remedy are often hypersensitive to pain and exceptionally irritable and cranky. They often feel better from rocking and from cold applications and worse while lying in bed.


Someone needing this homeopathic remedy will experience cramping that is less painful if they bend double or put hard pressure on the painful area (this is a keynote for this remedy). The pain may be so intense that they vomit. This patient may also be irritable and cranky. They are often worse from anger and from lying on the painless side (better from pressure).

Magnesia phosphorica

In my experience this is the pre-eminent remedy for period cramps – if the picture fits... a woman needing this remedy will have cramping pain that is particularly relieved by heat (perhaps the key to this remedy) – and to a lesser degree pressure. Most of the painful cramping occurs before the onset of menses – with relief coming with the flow. The flow is often dark in color. Hot baths typically bring relief.

Nux vomica

Someone needing this homeopathic remedy will have the classic Nux vomica picture – irritable, impatient, easily offended and chilly (this last point being perhaps more pronounced with the pain). The cramping can at times extend over the whole body and they may also feel an urge for a bowel movement with each painful cramp. The flow is typically early, profuse and lasts too long.

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