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Cough, cough, cough, which never returned....

A little girl of age 4, brought by her mom. The girl was shy initially but talked boldly later. Chubby, fair, black thin hair. Smiling. Height 40”and weight 45lbs.

Mom starred narrating, “Every weather change, rainy, cloudy days and mostly in springs she gets cough. Cough is more at night. Cough starts when the she goes to bed, she falls asleep and in a while she wakes up with the bout of cough and nothing helps her. She coughs and coughs trying to get out the expectoration. Many times its green or greenish. And once it comes out she feels little bit better. She coughs at night many times. Sleeps well if the expectoration comes out initially. Mostly she throws up while coughing; when she gets up from sleep for the first time. It’s like big pieces of expectoration. Rest it would be clear and no food would be there in the vomiting."

Girl interrupted in between and said," you know; it is very large. The bad thing is WHICH THERE IN MY THROAT WAS THIS BIG, STICKY, AND YAKKY ONCE. I DON’T LIKE THIS COUGH, STUPID COUGH!!"

Mom Said: "Every change in weather gives me goosebumps as I know now she will start with throat pain and cough. I don't like her coughing as it's very tiring, severe and hurts her too much. She cries and gets scared too; once she was afraid to go to bed but with assurance she went to sleep. She wants me to be there all the time then. Fever will be mild up to 100F. Pain in throat is more when she drinks, she does not like warm drinks, even her saliva hurts when she tries to swallow it. And you know we Indians like to give warm drinks, turmeric milk when child is coughing but she does not drink it as it hurts more. And once she gets cough it lasts for weeks and weeks.

Doctor says she seems to be allergic and advises to give her allergy medication. But I think I should try alternative medicines as I know it's all her mind working behind the curtain." "It started mostly I remember last year. Initially she used to say pain in abdomen and nausea while having her meals as I used to make it compulsory to clear the plates. She used to go to toilet in the middle of the meals and say that she wants to go poop and nothing used to come."

"That time I consulted with the gastroenterologist too and he had said that this girl is like King of the house, she makes everyone dance. She does not like your compulsions and commands and she plays games with you. All this seems to be emotional and psychological. So you can join the feeding program run by the hospital and have counseling sessions."

My husband and me had a long discussion and I decided to change and not to make any compulsions on her. Then pain in abdomen stopped and her cough complaint started." Mom- "She is the only child. She is really very dominating, like a leader she knows the knack to control others, her friends, her parents. When she goes to the park, she will wait for her friends to come to her and greet her, she will see who is coming to her; who is coming behind her. If someone does not she will not talk to that friend. What she says everyone should listen to her; And at the same time she does not like others domination. If someone tries to tell or share some ideas she gets upset and just in a while she will bring some of the idea and will take everyone behind her again. (little miss C was looking at mom and her expressions were like why are you telling all about me like this mom; really angry, upset)

She does not like if I appreciate others in front of her. She will start saying you don't love me then; you like them only?? Even if her dad gives me compliments she will not like it; she will say ohh !! so that means you don’t like me. If I give him a hug she will be disappointed with that too. And she will make faces as if she is very sad and will say you did not give me any kisses or hugs…" "She is very talkative. She talks nonstop I can say. He teacher too reminds her not to talk many times while having lunch. In her preschool portfolio this was written in bold letters!!! In preschool she is very bright. She is a good reader, way advance for her age." "I have observed one more thing that she sleeps putting her hands in her panties; (she showed the picture) I asked her once and she said, that the pajamas are too tight mom!! The size is appropriate and not really very tight but she sleeps that way."


Mom- "She is a good eater. She likes all veggies. She likes cheese, cucumber and salty crispy things. Thirst - I think is normal. Her bowels are regular and pee pee is normal. She has hemangiomas; one on tummy which is small and one on Lower jaw which is bigger."

Family History: Mom and dad have no history of any major illness now or in past. Paternal Grandparents: Both have Diabetes, hypertension Maternal grandparents: no major illness now or in past. No past history of any major illness noted.

Allergic to some antibiotics: amox, gatiflox, oflox.

For her cough and had loose motions once when she was 1 and half yrs old so had allopathic treatment and then had rash. So Mom doesn't want to treat her with allopathic drugs. So wanted homeopathic treatment for these complaints.

Review of the Systems:

Circulatory: Normal

Skin: 2 Haemangiomas noted on chin and abdomen.

Nervous: bright child, good memory, excellent reader, reads fluently for her age.

Respiratory: coughs frequent, chest clear on auscultation.

GI: Good appetite, veggie lover. regular bowels, well formed, no other GI issues.

Urinary: normal , no complaints, clear, no odor, 6/7 time a day. Potty trained at the age of 18 months.

ENT: FREQUENT SORE THROAT, weather change gives her ailments.

Throat red +

Tonsils: normal size and not palpable.

Weather/season: change in season leads to cough and throat affection. Summer / winter is fine for her.

Energy level: excellent

Constitutional and miasmatic remedies were given for 6 months and the cough never came back again. The girl is 13 now and hardly needed any medicine as she only sees me for acute conditions once or twice in a year.

The constitutional remedy was given once a week for 4 weeks and then once a month and even after she got any acute infections or injuries one dose of her constitutional remedy has always helped her revive with energy and be all healthy.

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