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Homeopathy for Stomach Flu

Arsenicum Album:

Great weakness, esp after diarrhea

Thirsty for small sips (usually room temp)

Better heat, warm drinks

Very chilly

Worse between 1-3am

Great anxiety and restlessness accompanies the nausea, doesn’t want to be alone

Vomiting & diarrhea at the same time

Stool: can be burning, acidic, yellow, very offensive

Vomiting immediately after drinking smallest amount


Diarrhea, with sudden and forcible ejection of bilious stools. Tenesmus after, with burning at anus.

Profuse, watery diarrhea in hot weather/ Summer

Pain and distention of abdomen from flatulence, after stool. Rumbling and rolling.

Pain in the stomach after food. Tenderness in epigastrium.

Feeling of coldness at edge of teeth.

Great irritability of the stomach; burning, smarting, and dryness of the tongue and throat.

Carbo Veg:

Violent, Exhausting diarrhea

Marked tenesmus, and the passage of small stools.

Look will be ill, pinched drawn, pale face.

Covered with cold, clammy sweat , yet have a hunger for air; want to fan them.

Contractive pain extending to chest, with distention of abdomen. Faint gone feeling in stomach, not relieved by eating. Crampy pains forcing patient to bend double.

Eructations, fullness, heaviness in stomach

Distended abdoment. excessive passage of fetid flatus.

The simplest food distresses.

Gastralgia of nursing women, with excessive flatulence, sour, rancid belching. Aversion to milk, meat, and fat things

Itching, gnawing and burning in rectum. Acrid, corrosive moisture from rectum

Croton Tig:

Copious watery stools, with much urging;

Always forcibly shot out, with gurgling in intestines;

Worse, drinking the least quantity, or even while eating, during summer

Constant urging to stool, followed by sudden evacuation.

Swashing sensation in intestines.


Wants and better from cold drinks

Fearful (alone, dark, etc)

Better from sleeping, a nap

Vomiting 15-20 minutes after drinking even a small amount of water.

Painless, copious debilitating diarrhea.

Green mucus with grains like sago.

Involuntary; seems as if anus remained open.

Great weakness after stool.

Watery, greenish, mucousy diarrhea.

A very weak, empty, gone sensation felt in whole abdominal cavity.

Hunger soon after eating. Sour taste and sour eructations after every meal.

Nux vomica:

Irritable mood

Chilly, even with a fever

“Wants to but can’t” – has repeated urges to vomit, pass stool but cannot

Nausea and vomiting, with much retching.

Hypersensitivity to noise, light, odors, being questioned.

Great anxiety accompanies the nausea.

Epigastrium bloated, with pressure s of a stone, several hours after eating.

Stools relieve pains for a time. Constant uneasiness in rectum

Complaints worse in morning in bed on waking

Veratrum Album:

Cold perspiration on forehead with diarrhea and vomiting

Huge thirst for cold water

Craving for sour things

Burping after eating and heartburn

Diarrhea worse from motion

Involuntary stool on passing gas

Violent, forceful vomiting with equally forceful, gushing diarrhea

Acidic diarrhea


Painless diarrhea

Forceful, gushing stool which shoots out

Frothy, fermented, profuse stool

Yellow stool with pieces of food (lienteric)

Great weakness after diarrhea

Diarrhea during dentition.

Diarrhea of hot weather, after citrus fruits

Thirst for large quantities of cold water


“Deathly”, violent, unrelenting nausea

Nausea not better from vomiting

Nausea with much salivation

Faintness after vomiting

Paroxysmal (waves of) vomiting

Stools Pitch-like green as grass, like frothy molasses, with griping at navel

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