Welcome to OM Homeopathy

If you are looking for treatment options to reduce the amount of chemicals, medications you are taking for you health issues and looking for natural holistic solutions.
If you are looking for a health care that is designed specifically for you, taking into account your emotional state and your physical ailments; 


If you are looking to help your child that is not doing well at school or is sick all the time. 


If you have been suffering for many years but still got no relief for your problem, and are ready to try something holistic and natural. 


Or you want someone to help you reach your mental, emotional and/or physical health goals. Or you’ve come to a roadblock in your healing and want another option.


OM Homeopathy offers absolute client centric, compassionate, complete and individualized care for each and everyone. Although I have a set consult fee schedule, my practice is built upon the basis of true care and compassion, thus the “no client left behind” policy applies to clients with low income and financial difficulties. If you want to commence homeopathic treatment, but your financial circumstances make it difficult, please contact me to discuss available payment plans.


Are you ready to dive deep into the world of homeopathy? Not sure if homeopathy is for you or not? Have more questions? Or want to book an appointment with me? Give me a call or email me. I invite you to explore holistic approach to health and wellness, and I am here to help you.

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