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Shunya Mudra for Ear pains/ tinnitus and much more

The word “Shunya” means zero means empty (nothing). It also means “openness” or “spaciousness", "voidness", "nothingness". A state of totality, of oneness ("advaita"), devoid of ego, devoid of even the slightest turmoil, craving or dissatisfaction. It also expresses oneness, openness and surrender and acceptance. It is often used by Buddhists to describe the indescribable state of nirvana, supreme enlightenment. Everything started from shunya and ultimately will go back or transformed in to shunya/ nothing.

Practicing Shunya Mudra is useful to decrease akash/ space/ ether element in the body. Space is the only element which doesn't not have any limit. Akash/ Sky has been considered the free space of the universe. “Word” is the special feature of space and is related to the ears of a human. In various ancient scriptures and vedas, the words, syllables and noise has been considered to be different forms of Lord Brahma the creator. When a person hears a word or a syllable then only he is able to grasp the meaning of it. This is the same concept of space and universe. When the activities in the space take place then only earth element is able to receive light, heat, gravity, magnetic fields etc. All these changes/ activities take place in space and then can be perceived by different elements or organs. Physiologically there is space in ears, heart, skull, etc.

Chakras and elements

- Vishuddha Chakra is related to Akash and main emotions related to this chkra are Trust, Creativity

- Ajna Chakra is also related to Akash element and emotions related to it are Knowledge, Intuition, Dignity

- likewise Sahasrara Chakra is related to Akash and it symbolizes Oneness.

In terms of Ayurvedic medicine, this mudra is beneficial to those with a dominant vata combination of air and space/ ether, which is the dosha (governing energy) associated with the nervous system and elimination of wastes.

Other names of Shunya Mudra:

  • Shoonya Mudra

  • Aakash-Shaamak Mudra

  • Heaven Mudra

Practicing shunya mudra is thought to provide relief from a range of hearing and balance issues, among them including:

  • Motion sickness

  • Vertigo

  • Ear disorders such as acute pain, hearing loss, and tinnitus

  • Numbness anywhere in the body

How to do Shunya Murda

Fold the middle finger and place it at the base of the thumb. Now, place the thumb over the middle finger with a little pressure. Keep the remaining three fingers straight.

  • You can practice shunya mudra at any time of the day in any position- sitting, walking, standing or lying. But, it is always better to practice this mudra in the sitting posture- sit in the easy cross-legged posture or Padmasana.

  • People with disability or knee/ joint pain can practice shunya mudra by sitting on a chair.

  • Keep your spine straight, breathe slowly and try to be relaxed. Don’t tighten your body otherwise it would hinder the flow of energy.

  • The pressure between middle finger and thumb should be mild and gentle.

  • If with closed eyes you feel more dizzy; keep soft gaze at one point and just be with it.

  • Be patient and practice regularly for good results.

  • Personally I have found results with ear pain/ vertigo within minutes. I used to practise this mudra along with vaat nashak mudra and apan mudra for vertigo.

Benefits of Shunya mudra

Benefits of shunya mudra are not limited to tinnitus and related ear problems only. It has a healing effect in a wide range of health disorders:

  • Useful in various ear problems such as earaches, infections (otitis media), ear discharge (Otorrhoea)

  • It helps to overcome travel sickness (motion sickness) and vertigo related symptoms. by reducing the feeling of emptiness or dizziness of the head.

  • Beneficial in thyroid and various throat problems

  • May improve the voice quality.

  • Eases the symptoms of numbness in any part of the bod.

  • Reduces the dullness in the body

  • It is also beneficial in all sorts of hearing problems. It is beneficial in both- partial deafness as well as complete deafness- either due to old age or due to some disease.

  • It can help heal thyroid diseases and fortifies the gums.

  • It also opens the heart chakra and helps in meditation.

  • When regularly practiced this mudra helps awaken intuitions.

  • Enhances and empowers willpower.

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