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Shakti Mudra- for Insomnia and much more...

Shakti means the feminine energy of the universe. Shakti means the goddess of life energy.

Shakti is the primordial feminine energy the cosmos that is responsible for all the creation and represents the dynamic forces that are thought to move through the entire Universe.  It resembles the Power and Strength. 

Practice of Shakti mudra has a calming effect on the entire body. This brings you long term peace and stability. It helps reducing sleep issues. It enhances the inner strength and power and ultimately enhances physical and mental wellbeing.

How to do this Mudra? (Ref a pic)

1) Sit in a comfortable position. Any place is fine just use a mat, carpet, or rug to sit on a floor.

2) Sit straight keeping the spine erect.

3) Hold both the hands facing each other.

4) Fold the thumbs in the palm.

5)Curl up the index and middle fingers over the thumbs

6) Keep the ring and little fingers straight.

7) Now bring both the hands near each other so that the ring and little fingers of both the hands touching each other and respectively. And the curled up fingers are touching to each other as well. And also the wrists are touching to each other.

8) Now close your eyes and pay attention to your breathing.

9) Your mind will be thinking about many things; that’s ok; thoughts will come and go….

Bring back your attention to your breathing and now when your are breathing in your mind Say "SO” and when you are breathing out say "HUM” in your mind and not loudly.

You can Practice this Mudra any time of the day. Before going to bed will be more beneficial if you are practicing it for sleep problems.

Mudras are in general are done in the Morning, while practicing yoga-asanas and on empty stomach from 5 to 45 min in one stretch for optimum results. 

You can practice this mudra for 30-35 min in one stretch or 12 min 3 times a day. 

When practicing before going to bed; it is recommended to do this Mudra at least one hour after your dinner. 

Benefits of Shakti Mudra:

Sleep: Induces good sleep, relieves the tension and calms the mind, Provides peace and stability.

It has good impact on sleep; so those who are suffering from insomnia, finding hard to fall asleep, if have disturbed sleep and can not go back to sleep for longer time; this mudra is a magic remedy for them.

It balances the second or the "Swadhisthan Chakra”.  It regulates the Apan Vayu, and bring balance to its functions like and help regulate excretion and urination. It strengthens the pelvic bones and alleviate the menstrual cramps and gives strength to the uterus. 

Encourages new ways of thinking and transforms the mind into positive attitude. Provides courage. It redirects the prana to the sacral chakra and makes you feel fearless, and self-worthy and creative. 

It balances the Udan Vaat and helps breath easily and brings the radiance to your face.

This mudra helps for curing the physical weakness. As it strengthen the bone and the muscles. Relieves the tired muscles from physical exertion and pain and cramps too. 

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