Homeopathy – How it Works ?

Homeopathy is actually based on thousands of experiments in which human subjects have taken continual doses of various plant, mineral, or animal substances until specific symptoms were elicited. These experiments are called “provings”, and they are conducted on humans, not animals, because homeopaths believe that the symptoms a substance causes in an animal do not necessarily accurately parallel how the substance will act on the human body. Innumerable substances cause skin rashes, digestive problems, tumors, and various other disease processes;however, each substance causes its own unique pattern of symptoms. The trick to making a homeopathic medicine works is finding the medicine that matches the overall pattern of symptoms that the person is experiencing, not just a single symptom or small group of symptoms. Once it is known what a substance causes in overdoes, the specific affinity that this substance has to the human body is then understood. And because symptoms represent the best defense of the human body to fight infection and/or to adapt to stress; it makes sense to mimic and augment the body’s own defenses.


How and why homeopathy works and makes sense











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